Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Putting A Full Stop

I have decided to close the blog, simply because I don't have the time to write anymore. However, I still snap their pictures via my phone (due to convenient) to capture their growth. You know, picture without words.

For those who are connected with me via Facebook,  you can still get their updates from there.

Thanks for following up all these years.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Khoo Sr & Khoo Jr

Since day 1, I have received many comments Sean is daddy's boy.

It is indeed true their outlook appearance is 90% lookalike (I always joke that one day if Sean is lost in the mall, it is easy to locate his dad!)  He is much taller and bigger size compare to his peers. Most importantly, this boy is STRONG!!!

However, his characters are totally OPPOSITE to his outlook!! He is a crying child (to get attention, obviously!), stubborn (he can stood in her naughty corner for a good 30mins without apologizing) and persistent.

Well, each child is different and he is a gift from God! While I am still finding ways to help him transition to be a 'better boy', I appreciate and love every bids of what he did now (at times he drive me to the wall!).

He is who he is!! Love ya, Sean.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Picnic At Home (Again!)


Although you can't really see the face of Sean, I liked his expression view from the side. You can really tell how happy he was, having a chillax time with his sister picnic at home.

This is a "common activity" we did at home, PICNIC!!! To me, it was just having a breafast outside of the house but the kids looked at it differently!

So i have no issue to oblige their request since they find it fun!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

His FIRST...

Many FIRST in this trip for Sean:

- FIRST Vacation
- FIRST Hotel Stay
- FIRST experience in a cold & cool weather
- FIRST time visit to Strawberry farm
- FIRST ride on a wining road until he can't cope and vomited in the car

He wasn't really that interested to plug the strawberry. When I introduce him about strawberry plugging, he pulled out the whole stem (which is wrong way) instead of the stem. Mati, I let him plug 2 times and he didn't get the idea, i asked to run around instead, which he is more delighted to do so.

Everyone is wearing slipper to walk around on the apartment we stayed as the floor is cold. This fella refused to wear and insisted to walk bare footed. As it's a wooden flooring, putting a socks on him will just make it too slippery for him to walk. So I tutup mata, let it be since he can cope!

He didn't really understand vacation but just know he is 'outside kai kai'! When I asked him about the trip, he looked blur! LOL

Well well, it was the experience that we wanted him to go through. Next family trip is coming up in few weeks time. Let's see if we see improvement from him!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

As Cool As Ever

I took this photo of Sean during our family trip to Cameron.

He is always a cool boy, on his characters and look. It's so difficult to get him to pose for me and take a 'decent' photo! He will run and do silly face to cover up himself.

Shy, I guess. :-)

He is so grown up in this photo. Sean is in the "I want to do myself" phase now. Everything also "myself myself', which is good as he is moving into more independent. The downside of it, a lot of mess to clean after the 'myself activities"!

I still like to hug and cuddle him like a baby even he is heavy in actual size (~18kg!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

At 2.5 Years Old...

For my record keeping - Sean is 18.2kg and 95cm tall. He is consider big size at his age. So no surprise he is the biggest size in his class!

If you look carefully on this picture, he was actually lifting up the handle of the bike. He loves this stunt, in which we were clueless how and where did he picked this up. In Hokkien, it's called "gia chiah tao"! because of this, I have named him as future/potential Superbike racing biker. I hope it's not illegal one that I will see him pushing his bike on the road as punishment by police!

Is this part of boy growing phase? Or it's just my boy?? Hmm...I wonder.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The "Sotong" Look...

Sean looked SO blur in this photo. Photo not taken nicely but I like the expression and the moment.

Other than their individual interest on the girlish and boy stuff, I tried to arrange things together for simply few reasons:

1) Save my time --> 1 time prepare for both
2) Teach the kids to share things
3) The sister can play the influence role for Sean to follow and learn

So the fastest and easiest is wall painting! Kids like it, I like it too becoz it's easy to prepare and clean up. If I happen to go wet market in the morning, I will grab them lotus root, potato and ladies fingers as additional stamping tool for them. Sean doesn't appreciate this for now. He prefers brush and his own fingers!
Whatever, as long as he enjoys what he is doing, I am absolutely fine with it.

Note: Sean is wearing a hand-down art apron from his sister. That's why it's pink in color. :-)